BFBS-1 (British Forces Broadcasting Service) Northern Ireland

Frequency 1287 kHz
Postal Address BFBS UK
Chalfont Grove
Narcot Lane
Chalfont St Peter
BFPO 786
Telephone 02892 266688
Fax 02892 266677
Web site

There are currently 6 MW transmitters carrying BFBS Northern Ireland. They are all 1 Watt emrp except Bessbrook Mill which is 0.5 Watts. They carry identical programming, so there is no method of working out which of the six you're receiving. The transmitters are located at:

Lisburn used to be on 1287 kHz as well, but is now on 100.6 FM in stereo. Aldergrove, Ballykinler and Holywood will soon move to FM too.

BFBS Northern Ireland is also the filler service on RAF Lyneham (1449 kHz) and RAF Marham (1278 kHz).

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