QSL Report March 1999

station & sitelangfreqqslrpdaysinit
Borderhunter   3935 lt 1 38 DSh
China R Int'l   9535 cd no 23 RPe
Danmarks R   243 lt 1 5 DSh
Voice of Tigray Revolution   5500 lt no 50 ZL
R Waves Int'l   11401 sh $1 22 RPe
R Ropa   261 lt 1 31 DSh
Suddeutscher R   6030 cd no 147 DSh
Metropolis   6207 lt 1 199 DSh
Star Club   6207 cd 1 170 DSh
Suddeutscher R   7265 cd no 147 DSh
R Waves Int'l   7120 sh $1 35 RPe
Barones   1636 lt 1 11 DSh
Kristal Int'l   1646 lt 1 40 DSh
Kristal Int'l   1647 lt 1 396 DSh
Caroline   1647 lt 1 102 DSh
Trance SW   6263 sh no 20 RPe
Boomerang   6285 cd 1 163 DSh
FRSH   6285 lt 1 128 DSh
VOTN / RECH   7478 cd 1 20 DSh
Voice of the Mediterranean   11830 cd no 15 MBe
Turkmen R   5015 lt 1 183 DSh
VOA   17895 cd no 34 FP
R Tashkent   9715 cd no 73 RPe


Ive received your letter of 02/01/99 and thanks for your information. Our station has received similar letters from different parts of Europe and America.
The station you heard on 13/1/99 and 31/1/99 in the frequency of 5500Khz at 17:30 ¯ 1800:40hrs. and 16:05-16:29UTC is truly ours. Our radio is not a newly installed radio station. It has been broadcasting ever since 1986 from the bushes of Tigray we used
Since that times the radio has been the Voice of the People of Tigray. It was installed with the help of Tigrayans living inside and outside Tigray as immigrants in different parts of the world.
The radio was a symbol of unity of our people, through which our people speak about their horrible times under the late feudal system of Emperor HaileSellasie and under the fashist Derg Regime. It was a radio, through which our people used to know the sou
Our Radio the Voice of the Revolution of Tigray was the first Tigrigna language Voice that truly informed, educated and entertained the Tigray people. It developed credibility in the people and was considered as a voice that directs the daily life of the
In 1991 the war ended. The Soviet backed Derg regime was toppled down. Our organization TPLF with its sister member organizations of Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front EPRDF came to power through a democratic election.
A new era has began in Ethiopia. Democratic institutions are structured and functioning. Basic human and political rights including freedom of belief are respected. Peace is consolidated. The whole Ethiopian Peoples are now progressing towards development
And our radio is now working for the consolidation of the already gained peace and democracy, for the enhancement of Socio-economic development by giving relevant information and education to our people.
The Voice of the Revolution of Tigray is broadcasted, using 10kw short-wave (AM) transmitter from the capital city of Tigray (one of the autonomous regional states of Ethiopia), Mekelle for 50 hrs. Weekly, oa 5$00ldu-A 7-515khz short waye.
Its present air time programs are as follows: Monday to Friday Morning 0400 - 0500 (UTC)
Midday 0930 - 1030 (UTC) Evening 1500 - 1900 (UTC) Saturday 8c Sunday Morning 0400 - 0900 (UTC) Afternoon1100 - 1630 (UTC)
These airtime programs can be expanded for the future. The radios area of coverage with excellent reception are Ethiopia, Eritrea, and other Horn of African countries and The Middle East. The language is Tigrigna.
We wish you one-day come to Ethiopia and see Tigray. Tigray has many tourist attractions. Ancient obelisks and Rock-hewn churches, different cultural expressions, social activities, attractive landscapes.
Ethiopia as a whole is well known for its different wild life and landscape. The Mountain Nyala and the Red Fox, the wild animals, are found only in Ethiopia. Many tourists are now coming to Ethiopia.
We hope to hear Qom your once again.
With best wishes
Fre Tesfamichael
Director , VORT


DSh - Doug Sharrard, Leicester
FP - Fulvio Pangrazi, Ancona, Italy
MBe - Michael Beesley, Romsey
RPe - Robert Petraitis, Klaipeda, Lithuania
ZL - Zacharias Liangas, Thessaloniki, Greece