DX Radio DX News - September 1998

This is a compilation of all the logs and news items that have appeared on this site in September 1998.

Some external links may no longer be valid though they did work at the time of writing.

September 24-30, 1998

Propagation - Nothing noted on FM. The recent tropo was better the further north you were in the UK. Down here in London, it was largely a non-event.

Skywaves - John Faulkner has had recurrent PC problems which have dramatically delayed the production of this month's Skywaves magazine. Watch this space. Meanwhile, you can peruse recent editions in electronic form by clicking here. There's also a compilation logbook for 1998 (so far). NOTE - that you'll need (free) Acrobat Reader 3 software from Adobe.

September 23, 1998

Propagation - Hungary left on RDS display sometime between 1500 and 1900.

15-19  87.6 HNG Slager R         (unattended reception)                 _SLAGER_       MH

September 10-22, 1998

Propagation - Nothing noted.

Links - Found two great database sites for MW (BCB) data for the United States and Canada.

Maps - For generating customised great circle maps, try the Az_Proj page at www.wm7d.net. Here are some examples of what you can generate ... Europe Near and Europe Far. The Server allows to generate various formats including PNG, LJ and PDF as well.

September 9, 1998

Propagation - Hungary for a change left on RDS display sometime between 1500 and 1700.

15-17  87.6 HNG Slager R         (unattended reception)                _SLAGER_        MH

September 8, 1998

Propagation - Tunisia yet again left on RDS display sometime between 1040 and 2300.

10-23  87.6 TUN Inter Programme  (unattended reception)                 INTER___       MH

RSL - New list of RSLs provided by Ian Kelly.

September 3-7, 1998

Propagation - Nothing noted.

September 2, 1998

Propagation - Tunisia in apparent isolation 1005-1050 but with deep fading. As far as I could determine (due to QSB) 89.6 and 91.8 were NOT parallel. EFMH'97 suggests 91.8 could be local programme of R Gafsa.

10.05  87.6 TUN Inter Programme  OM/YL talk and music              7202 INTER___ QSB   MH
10.12  89.6 TUN National Prgm    OM talk and music                 7201 NATIONAL QSB   MH
10.35  91.8 TUN National Prgm    OM with music not // 89.6         7201 NATIONAL QSB   MH

September 1, 1998

Propagation - Nothing noted.

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