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What is RDS?

Radio Data System "RDS" is data broadcast on a 57 kHz subcarrier of an FM signal. It is an internationally agreed standard, and is used worldwide. RDS's features include PS Name an 8 digit alphanumeric label of programme service, PI Code to allow automatic retuning of the radio if the signal strength deteriorates, and RadioText extended text display sometimes used to show record name and artist.

How is RDS useful to a dx-er?

Even brief bursts of a distant FM Radio signal can contain sufficient readable RDS data for that signal to be identified. So for any propagation mode, being able to monitor and decode RDS data is an invaluble tool for an FM dx-er. Using a PC to continously log incoming RDS data is an additional asset.

RDS Listings

I have compiled RDS listings for FM radio stations in the United Kingdom. (Links on the left). My listings are as accurate as possible, but stations do change their RDS names, and new stations are coming on air all the time. If you have new information then please me with your updates.

Recent Updates

Sep 17, 2006:
website - updated Original 106's PS name ... though it's still unclear whether it's ORIGINAL or original.

Sep 15, 2006:
website - updated Ocean's station name (was Ocean FM) and PS Name.

Sep 12, 2006:
website - added Original 106 as they started test transmissions today.

Sep 7, 2006:
website - updated Kiss 105's and Q103's PS names.

Sep 2, 2006:
website - updated 2-TEN FM PI codes and noted that they utilise different PI's on 97.0 (and 103.4) and 102.9 MHz during advert breaks and separate programming.

Oct 12, 2004:
website - Sunrise Radio in Bradford at last have RDS ... SUNRISE_ on 103.2 MHz.

Sep 22, 2004:
website - updated GWR_Bath to GWR_BATH on 103.0 MHz.

May 13, 2004:
website - various updates to station RDS Names apparent after a tour around.

May 4, 2004:
Kerrang - begin testing on 105.2 MHz from Sutton Coldfield, PI C4B3 and PS KERRANG_.

May 3, 2004:
website - Lots of updates to station's websites on my UK Commercial RDS listing page.

May 2, 2004:
Mix 107 - and their RDS is mix_107_.

May 1, 2004:
Mix 107 - is the new brand for Swan FM on 107.4 and 107.7 MHz.

May 1, 2004:
Added Juice FM (Liverpool) relay in the Mersey tunnels on 107.6 MHz.

May 1, 2004:
Time FM - is now on 107.3 with TIME_FM_.

May 1, 2004:
Added new relay on 97.4 for The Beach.

May 1, 2004:
Has vibe 101 changed RDS on 101.0 MHz?

Apr 23, 2004:
Saints FM - have taken bought South City FM who broadcast to Southampton on 107.8 MHz. Is there a change of RDS Name to THESAINT or TheSaint?

Apr 22, 2004:
High Peak Radio - new on 103.3 106.4 and 106.6 with HighPeak ... what PI code?

Apr 22, 2004:
Smooth FM - took over from Jazz FM in the Northwest of England at the start of March with RDS _SMOOTH_.

Apr 22, 2004:
Clyde1 - new transmitter on 102.3 at Rothesay with RDS Clyde_1_ or are they _Clyde1_?

Feb 15, 2004:
107 Star FM - changed RDS on 107.1 and 107.9 from _Star_FM to Star_107.

Nov 1, 2003:
107 Star FM - now on 107.1 and 107.9 with RDS _Star_FM also FenRadio takes over on 107.5 MHz with RDS FenRadio.

Oct 19, 2003:
Radio Jackie - takes over on 107.8 from Thames Radio with RDS -JACKIE-

Sep 18, 2003:
Jazz FM - changed their RDS to _JAZZFM_

Sep 3, 2003:
Thames 107.8 - change their RDS again, this time to -THAMES- and revert their PI code to C6B0.

Aug 26, 2003:
Thames 107.8 - change their RDS to _THAMES_ (with real underscores) and their PI code to C000.

May 21, 2003:
Lite FM - confirm their RDS is LITE_FM_ when using their normal distribution chain. Their RDS becomes LITE*FM* when they use their backup chain.

May 13, 2003:
NorthSound - confirmed their RDS is N'SOUND1, a change made some time ago from NORTHSND

May 12, 2003:
Virgin 105.8 - moved transmission site to Crystal Palace and changed their RDS from _VIRGIN_ to _Virgin_.

Last update: Mon Sep 18, 2006   21:00 GMT

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