DX Radio DX News - November 1998

This is a compilation of all the logs and news items that have appeared on this site in November 1998.

Some external links may no longer be valid though they did work at the time of writing.

November 9, 1998

Propagation - Presumably a meteor ping ...

16-17  87.7  F  France Culture   (unattended reception)                 _CULTURE       MH

November 2, 1998

Propagation - Presumably a meteor ping ... while I was at work of course. John Faulkner suggests Italy.

12-24  87.6 ??? un-id'd          (unattended reception)                 LIVE_SU_       MH

November 1, 1998

RDS - A fourth London pirate now has RDS. UPFRONT_ is on 99.3 MHz with the unusual PI code of 6944. Ian Kelly also notes Point Blank on 106.9 MHz to the west of London radiate PS_Name: P.B_FM__ with PI code FFFF.

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