DX Radio DX News - December 1998

This is a compilation of all the logs and news items that have appeared on this site in December 1998.

Some external links may no longer be valid though they did work at the time of writing.

December 28, 1998

RDS - Yet another London pirate now has RDS. _UNIQUE_ is on 101.2 MHz with the UK-style PI code of CABC. They're also using RadioText "HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM UNIQUE FM"

RDS - London's Magic 105.4 (used to be Melody FM) is now radiating __magic_ as its RDS name. RadioText now "You are listening to London's magic 105.4" PTY is now "Pop Music".

December 17, 1998

Propagation - Still a bucketload of French and Belgian stations ...

1330  107.1  F  Radio Bleue, Paris      older songs                     R_BLEUE_       MH
1339   90.4 BEL Radio 3, Egem           classical music            6303 RADIO_3_       MH
1340   93.0  F  Fr Inter, Alencon       songs                      F201 __INTER_       MH
1342   95.4  F  Fr Inter, Amiens        songs                      F201 __INTER_       MH
1350  100.3  F  NRJ, Paris              pop, adverts, jingles                          MH
1357  103.2  F  R Fr Berry Sud, Bourges music, talk, news          F505 RF_BERRY       MH
1358  104.3  F  RTL, Paris              adverts, ID, news          F211 __RTL___       MH
1400   87.8  F  Fr Inter, Paris         news                       F201 __INTER_       MH
1405  101.9  F  FUN R, Paris            pop, ID, adverts                               MH
1408  101.3  F  R Fr Picardie, Hirson   pop                        FD05 RF_PICAR       MH
1410   99.8  F  un-id                   YL talk                                        MH
1413   99.6  F  Fr Inter, Caen          OMs talk                   F201 __INTER_       MH
1413   99.5  F  Fr Inter, Auxerre       OMs talk                   F201 __INTER_       MH
1415   99.4  F  Fr Musique, Amiens      classical music            F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
1417   97.1  F  Fr Musique, Mantes-La-Jolie  classical music, YL   F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
1418   94.1  F  Fr Musique, Autun       classical piano            F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
1419   92.9  F  Fr Musique, Villers Cotterets  classical piano     F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
1420   92.7  F  Fr Inter, Neufchatel    OM song                    F201 __INTER_       MH
1420   92.4  F  Fr Culture, Mantes-La-Jolie  YL talk               F202 _CULTURE       MH
1420   91.7  F  Fr Musique, Paris       piano music, YL            F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
1421   89.6  F  Fr Culture, Villers Cotterets  YL talk             F202 _CULTURE       MH
1438   92.1  F  Fr Musique, Paris/Romainville  classical music     F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
1450   91.8  F  Fr Musique, Bourges     classical music            F203 _MUSIQUE       MH

December 16, 1998

Propagation - Woke this evening to find a BIG lift to Belgium and France ...

2155   87.6 BEL RTBF-1, Leglise         jazz music and OM          6351 PREMIERE       MH
2200  106.5  F  Fr Info, Boulogne-sur-Mer  news                    F206 __INFO__       MH
2201  105.2  F  Fr Info, Lille          news                       F206 __INFO__       MH
2202  104.6 BEL Radio 21, Tournai       pop                        6354 RADIO_21       MH
2203  103.9  F  un-id                   news                       F213                MH
2203  103.7  F  Fr Inter, Lille         news                       F201 __INTER_       MH
2204  103.3  F  Fr Inter, Boulogne-sue-Mer  news                   F201 __INTER_       MH
2004  102.6 BEL RTBF-3, Tournai         news                       6353 MUSIQUE3       MH
2205  101.8 BEL RTBF-2, Tournai         news                       6352 WALLONIE       MH
2206   99.7  F  Fr Culture, Hirson      talk                       F202 _CULTURE       MH
2207   99.1 BEL RTBF-4, Anderlues       pop                        6354 RADIO_21       MH
2207   98.3 BEL RTBF-3, Profondeville   talk                       6353 MUSIQUE3       MH
2208   98.0  F  Fr Culture, Lille       music                      F202 _CULTURE       MH
2208   97.9  F  Fr Culture, Troyes-les-Riceys  music               F202 _CULTURE       MH
2209   96.8  F  Fr Inter, Reims         talk                       F201 __INTER_       MH
2210   96.6 BEL RTBF-3, Anderlues       talk and news              6353 MUSIQUE3       MH
2211   96.5  F  Fr Inter, Rouen         news                       F201 __INTER_       MH
2212   96.1 BEL RTBF-1, Wavre           news                       6351 PREMIERE       MH
2213   95.5  F  R Fr Frequence Nord, Boulogne  pop, jingles        F905 RF_FNORD       MH
2213   95.3  F  Fr Inter, Troyes-les-Riceys  news                  F201 __INTER_       MH
2214   94.7  F  R Fr Frequence Nord, Lille  pop, jingles           F905 RF_FNORD       MH
2214   94.6  F  Fr Inter, Arnay-le-Duc  talk                       F201 __INTER_       MH
2214   94.0  F  Fr Culture, Rouen       talk                       F202 _CULTURE       MH
2215   93.8  F  Fr Musique, Sens        harpsicord music           F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
2215   92.6  F  Fr Inter, Amiens        talk                       F201 __INTER_       MH
2215   92.3 BEL RTBF-2, Anderlues       pop                        6352 WALLONIE       MH
2216   92.0  F  Fr Musique, Rouen       classical music            F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
2216   91.8  F  Fr Musique, Bourges     classical music            F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
2216   90.2  F  Fr Musique, Neufchatel  classical music            F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
2217   89.8  F  Fr Musique, Abbeville   classical music            F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
2217   89.7  F  Fr Musique, Chartres    classical music            F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
2218   89.4  F  Fr Musique, Epinal      classical music            F203 _MUSIQUE       MH
2218   88.5  F  Fr Culture, Bourges     talk                       F202 _CULTURE       MH
2218   88.3  F  Fr Culture, Longwy      talk                       F202 _CULTURE       MH
2218   88.0  F  Fr Culture, Alencon     talk                       F202 _CULTURE       MH
2218   87.9  F  Opalis FM, Montreuil    pop                        F937 _OPALIS_       MH
2218  104.5  F  Fr Info, Bar-le-Duc     YL with news               F206 __INFO__       MH
2218  102.5  F  Fr Culture, Amiens      songs                      F202 _CULTURE       MH
2218   99.3  F  Fr Culture, Verdun      songs                      F202 _CULTURE       MH
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