DX Radio DX News - February 1999

This is a compilation of all the logs and news items that have appeared on this site in February 1999.

Some external links may no longer be valid though they did work at the time of writing.

February 27, 1999

Logbook - I've just finished compiling the 1998 compilation FM logbook. It's a 42 page PDF document made up from the 1998 editions of Skywaves magazine, the magazine of the British FM & TV Circle.

February 23, 1999

Propagation - Finnish DXers note some Band 1 TV Sporadic E today.

Es TV conditions noted around 1755 with Switzerland on channel E2. Also signals fading on
channels E3 and E4!

From the FM TV DX Web Page.

February 15, 1999

QSL - Canadian Forces Halifax (CFH) sent a QSL card, letter and schedule for their WEFAX services.

Propagation - Big jump in Solar Flux and Sunspot Number over the past couple of days. Consequently the MUF has risen to Band 1 TV frequencies, up to R2 etc ... see the solar activity image from DXLC.

Ian Roberts reports from Johannesburg to the FM TV DX Maillist ...

Last night there were very peculiar F2 and TEP conditions between our 2.00pm and 10.00pm,
around 12.00-20.00 UTC. Full spectrum of TV video and audio carriers. Carriers were received
up to E3 video and R2 video, including R1 audio. Countries: Germany E2, Equatorial Africa E2,
R1 vision and sound from transmitters north-east of Yugoslavia. Many others also...
Watch the north/south path in the late afternoon/early evening for the next week, in particular if the A-index goes below 5 or so!!!!!

February 9, 1999

RDS - Magic 105.4 in London has changed RDS PS Name from __magic_ to __MAGIC_

February 8, 1999

FM - FLR has launched on 107.3 and is currently on a clear channel as received here. Luckily not too strong ... 16dB on the Sony ... so DX has a chance on 107.2 and 107.4 given continuation of non-pirate activity.

Sporadic E - Finnish DXers report Sporadic E today 0800+ on Band 1 and later up to 107 MHz from France, UK and Germany. Nothing noted here.

Es TV conditions on channel R1 with Tent. Hungary around 0845. Around 0900 also Austria
on channel E2A, Italy on channel ItA and Slovenia on channel E3. Around 0955 Germany
very strong on channel E2 and around 1000 some Italian FM stations fading for a few minutes
below 91 MHz. At 1010 Germany also fading on TV channel E4. From around 1130 some FM
stations from Germany, Holland, France etc. fading on the FM band all the way up to 107 MHz.
Germany still on TV channel E2. Nothing on TV or FM after 1230. TV Es Conditions again
in the evening around 1635 with Belgium on channel E3 and Holland on channel E4. Denmark
also strong on TV channel E3 around 1650. E's FM Conditions around 1715 for 10 minutes with
stations from Holland. Nothing on TV after 1730 but around 1745 England on FM with around
5 BBC R2 and BBC R3 transmitters under 94 MHz.

From the FM TV DX Web Page.

February 5, 1999

Propagation - Been away from 7am 2/2/99 - 3pm 5/2/99 ... and came home to find _SLAGER_ memorised on 87.6.

RDS - Various updates to the Commercial RDS listing thanks to James Cridland.

FLR FM - RDS is now turned on ... FLR107.3 ... but very poor here today due to pirate QRM. Possible PI code is C594.

February 1, 1999

RSL - One to add to the list is Pulse Radio 87.7 broadcasting from the London School of Economics on 87.7 MHz.

FLR FM - are definately not (yet) radiating RDS.

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