DX Radio DX News - October 2001

This is a compilation of all the logs and news items that have appeared on this site in October 2001.

Some external links may no longer be valid though they did work at the time of writing.

October 31, 2001

Propagation - Usual France Culture coming in via meteor on 87.7 MHz.

05.46  87.7  F  Fr Culture, Strasbourg                             F202          weak  MH
05.50  87.7  F  Fr Culture, Strasbourg                             F202 _CULTURE fair  MH

London Pirates - Shine FM returned to 87.9 after Q Radio ended their RSL broadcast. They've added RDS and announcing "in association with Garage FM 92.7".

20.32  87.9  G  Shine FM                                           DCBB SHINE_FM good  MH
20.34  92.7  G  Garage FM                relaying Shine FM         DCBB GARAGE__ good  MH

October 30, 2001

Propagation - Wow ... Sporadic E up to Band 2.

11.57  87.7 POR RDP 1, Mendro                                      8201          weak  MH
12.10  87.6 POR Seixal FM                pop                       8042 SEIXALFM fair  MH
12.12  87.9 POR RDP 1, Lousa             YL, song                  8201 ANTENA_1 fair  MH
12.13  89.3 POR RDP 2, Lousa             classical music           8202 ANTENA_2 fair  MH
12.15  91.8 POR R Clube de Penafiel      pop music                 805F PENAFIEL fair  MH
12.18  92.5 POR RDP 2, Porto             classical music           8202 ANTENA_2 fair  MH
12.20  88.3 POR RDP 1, Muro              YL                        8201 ANTENA_1 fair  MH
12.25  88.4 POR R Costa Verde, Espinho   pop music                 80C6 R_CVERDE fair  MH
12.30  87.8 POR R Montemuro, Cinfaes     pop music                 809C          weak  MH
12.47  87.8  E  R Aranda Cad SER         adverts, YL ID                          fair  MH

October 29, 2001

Propagation - Some tropo this afternoon to Germany.

05.58  88.3 POL PR2 Chrzelice                                      3222          brief MH
15.10  88.0  D  SR1, Gottelborner Hohe   pop music                               weak  MH
15.18  94.0  D  SWR-2, Koblenz           YL, church organ mx       D4A2          fair  MH
15.19  95.1  D  WDR-3, Velbert           Faust class mx, YL        D393 WDR_3___ fair  MH
15.21  90.5 BEL RTBF-2 Liege             OM, music, traffic nx     6752 RTBF_LG_ fair  MH
15.24  89.3  D  HR-3, Gr Feldberg        pop music                               fair  MH
15.24  87.6  D  HR-3, Biedenkopf         pop music // 89.3                       weak  MH
15.27 106.7  D  WDR-1, Velbert           pop, "Eins Live", travel                fair  MH
15.31 104.3  D  HR-4, Biedenkopf         YL, traffic news, mx                    fair  MH
15.32 103.2  D  un-id                    OM talk                                 weak  MH
15.34 100.5  D  WDR-4, Teutoburger Wald  OM opera song                           weak  MH
15.35  99.2  D  WDR-2, Velbert           YL traffic nx, pop music                fair  MH
15.36  98.1  D  WDR-3, Nordhelle         classical music                         fair  MH
15.37  95.1  D  WDR-3, Velbert           class music // 98.1                     fair  MH
15.38  93.8  D  SWR-2, Waldenburg        classical music                         weak  MH
15.38  93.0  D  SWR-2, Haardtkopf        class music // 93.8                     fair  MH
15.39  91.5  D  un-id xd-ing France      OM talk                                 weak  MH
15.44 106.4  D  WDR-1, Stolberg          OMs talk, comedy, music                 fair  MH
15.45 106.7  D  WDR-1, Velbert           // 106.4                                fair  MH
15.46 104.7  D  WDR-1, Nordhelle         // 106.4 106.7                          fair  MH
15.47 101.4  D  Radio SAW, Brocken       "Superhits Radio S A W"                 fair  MH

UK Updates - The 107.7 MHz relay indicated in Swan FM's AF list is going to be from Amersham, on-air in a month or two. Also 3TR (ex Pride FM) is the new station in Warminster, and is currently testing on 107.5 MHz prior to its launch on November 5th.

October 27, 2001

Propagation - Some more meteor scatter today.

11.20  88.3 POL PR2 Chrzelice                                      3222   POLE   brief MH
            RT: '                                        7/85    -977  Warszawa  '
            RT: 'Tel.                                                            '
            AF: 88.3 : 98.8 90.6 91.5 98.1 92.5 95.6
12.16  88.3 HRV HRT HR1                                            6341 HR       brief MH

RSL - Touch 101.4 FM from Kidbrooke (Greenwich) noted very weakly.

11.30 101.4  G  Touch 101.4, Kidbrooke   music from Mauritius                    weak  MH

UK Updates - Swan FM in High Wycombe started testing yesterday on 107.4 MHz. Their announced launch date is 8am (0800) on Wednesday 31st October. Also Heart 106.2 FM has lengthened the time between updates of its RadioText to allow tuners with scrolling displays to actually display the text.

00.40 107.4  G  Swan FM, High Wycombe    pop music and ann's       C993 SWAN_FM_ fair  MH
                RT: '107 SWAN FM SOUTH BUCKS FRESHEST MUSIC                          '
                AF: 107.4 : 107.7
01.35 106.2  G  Heart FM                 pop, adverts              C3A6 _Heart__ good  MH
                RT: 'Now Playing Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing                    '
                RT: ' The right song. Right now. London's Heart 106.2                '
                RT: 'Latest News Headlines:- British Troops ......                   '
                RT: 'Free tickets                                                    '
                RT: 'Check www.heart1062.co.uk for more details on these stories.    '
                RT: 'This is London's Heart 106.2 - More Music Variety               '

October 26, 2001

Propagation - Some meteor scatter this evening.

18.46  88.3 POL PR2 Chrzelice                                      3222 __    I_ brief MH
21.52  88.3 POL PR2 Chrzelice                                      3222          brief MH

UK Updates - Lakeland Radio are testing on 100.1 MHz from Kendal. Also check 100.8 MHz from Windermere. Format is "classic hits from the last 20 years". Launch date is 27 October. (Steven White and Dave Kenny/BDXC-UK)

October 24, 2001

RSL - Ministry of Sound noted in the clear today on 87.7 MHz with RDS.

10.15  87.7  G  Ministry of Sound        pop and adverts           C095 MINISTRY weak  MH

UK Updates - BBC 3CR from Bow Brickhill on 104.5 has changed PI code to C511. This allows it to radiate the BBC 3CR (North) optouts, as distinct from the BBC 3CR (South) service carried on the Zouches Farm and Sandy Heath transmitters which remain with PI:C711. The morning programme has been split this way since early October.

October 23, 2001

UK Updates - Star FM in Cambridge on 107.9 MHz has changed RDS again, this time dropping the * between STAR and CAM. Now PS:STAR_CAM.

October 22, 2001

UK Updates - Saga 105.7fm has changed its RT to "SAGA 105.7 FM - YOUR LIFE. YOUR MUSIC. - SAGA 105.7 FM". (Thanks, Vinnie)

London Pirates - Vision FM appear to be new on 96.7 MHz. Also Xtreme FM change PI code.

18.23  96.7  G  Vision FM                                          F967 _VISION_ fair  MH
18.29 101.6  G  XTreme FM                                          1016 X-TREME_ fair  MH

October 20, 2001

Propagation - Some more meteor scatter over night.

02.46  95.1 CZE CR-1, Brno                                         232F          brief MH

October 19, 2001

Propagation - Some meteor scatter throughout the day.

18.31  95.1 CZE CR-1, Brno                                         232F          brief MH

RSL - Radio Q has changed PI:C096 and PS: Q_87.9__

00.05  87.9  G  Radio Q, Highgate        blank carrier             C096 Q_87.9__ fair  MH

October 18, 2001

Propagation - Some meteor scatter throughout the day.

06.38  95.1 CZE CR-1, Brno                                         232F __CR     brief MH
09.19  95.1 CZE CR-1, Brno                                         232F          brief MH
23.42  95.1 CZE CR-1, Brno                                         232F __CR_1__ brief MH
                AF: 94.6 : 93.1 95.9

October 17, 2001

Propagation - Some tropo today, mainly to the usual French and Belgian stations. Also some meteor this evening.

10.00  95.1  D  WDR3, Langenberg         news, travel, ID, nx rpts               weak  MH
19.56  95.1 CZE CR-1, Brno                                         232F __CR_1__ brief MH

October 16, 2001

UK Updates - Saga 105.7fm launched today broadcasting to the West Midlands.

October 15, 2001

RSL - GU2 from the University of Surrey in Guildford is coming in with a weak to fair signal on 107.3 MHz.

09.00 107.3  G  GU2, Guildford           pop, chat, IDs            C095 __GU2___ weak  MH
                RT: 'Student Radio from the University of Surrey in Guildford    '
                RT: 'reading   dio   xt makes you blind and gives you        '

London Pirates - Trilogy FM were on this morning with RadioText.

10.04  87.5  G  Trilogy FM                                         8750 TRILOGY_ fair  MH
                RT: 'Text or Tel Studio No.07890 516048..It's the Trilogy FM...      '

October 14, 2001

Propagation - Overnight enhancement to the UK ... nothing much from across the North Sea.

01.05 103.2  G  Red Dragon FM, Wenalt    pop, IDs                                weak  MH
01.10 103.2  G  Power FM, Southampton    pop, IDs                  C79D POWER_FM good  MH

October 13, 2001

Propagation - Overnight enhancement to the UK ... nothing much from across the North Sea.

01.46  96.7  G  KLFM                     IDs, pop, news                          weak  MH
01.55 103.0  G  Q103, Cambridge          ID, pop                                 fair  MH
02.10  97.1  G  SGR Foxhall Heath        pop                       CA86 SGR_IPS_ good  MH
02.30 103.4  G  Hallam FM, Sheffield     pop, YL DJ                              fair  MH

October 12, 2001

Propagation - Tropo during the early morning to Belgium and Germany.

02.48  87.6 BEL RTBF-1, Leglise                                    6351 PREMIERE fair  MH
08.57  87.6  D  HR3, Biedenkopf                                    D363 __hr3___ fair  MH
09.00  88.0  D  SR1, Gottelborner Hohe                                           weak  MH
21.11  96.8  G  BBC R Cymru, Wenvoe      music and talk            C327 BBCymru. weak  MH
22.05  95.1  G  BBC R Wales, Carmel      phone-in chat                           weak  MH
22.13 103.9  G  BBC R Wales, Wenalt      // 95.1, tv promo for 9pm               fair  MH
22.15  94.6  G  BBC R Berkshire, Henley  music and talk            CD11 BBCBerks good  MH
                RT: 'BBC Radio Berkshire. News, sport and information for Berkshire  '
22.16  95.5  G  BBC 3CR, Sandy Heath     Eastern Counties prgm     C711 BBC_3CR_ good  MH
                RT: 'News, Talk & Music from the BBC  for Beds, Herts & Bucks        '

RSL - Radio Q has changed PI:C0FF and PS: Radio_Q_. Shine FM has moved down from 87.9 to 87.8 MHz. Also the Cisco World Matchplay golf RSL is coming in on 87.7 MHz from Virginia Water.

20.00  87.9  G  Radio Q, Highgate        rock music                C0FF Radio_Q_ fair  MH
23.10  87.7  G  Cisco Matchplay Golf     golf reports                            weak  MH

UK Updates - Star FM in Cambridge on 107.9 MHz has changed RDS to PS:STAR*CAM. Win 107.2 has changed RDS to PS: _WIN_FM_. And BBC London Live has rebranded itself just as "BBC London" - new PS already BBC_LDN_ with RT to follow.

18.30  94.9  G  BBC London               talk                      CC11 BBC_LDN_ good  MH
                RT: 'BBC London Live 94.9: news sport travel entertainment and comedy'

UK Updates - On AM ... The Radio 4 transmitter on 720 kHz at Lots Road was finally switched off on Tuesday 25th September at 10:45am (0945 UTC). London is still served on 720 kHz by a sloping wire attached to the side of the Crystal Palace mast. The Lots Road Power Station, which provides power to much of London's Underground rail system, is soon to be decommissioned.

London Pirates - Juice FM now has RDS, X-Treme FM move to 101.6 from 108.0 MHz.

22.31 102.5  G  Juice FM                                           FFFF JUICE-FM good  MH
22.36 101.6  G  Xtreme FM                                          1080 X-TREME_ fair  MH

October 6, 2001

RSL - Radio Q began its RSL last night broadcasting from Highgate in North London on 87.9 MHz. RDS: Radio_Q. and PI:FFFF (which will likely change soon). They also quote this email address.

09.00  87.9  G  Radio Q, Highgate        rock music                FFFF Radio_Q. fair  MH

London Pirates - Freeze FM changes PI code on 90.4 MHz, Horra FM now on with RDS, and Image changes RT.

22.30  90.4  G  Freeze FM                                          A000          good  MH
                RT: 'Freeze FM 07890 75 35 50 http://www.freezefm.co.uk              '
22.36  99.0  G  Horra FM                                           7878 HORRA.FM fair  MH
22.38  99.7  G  Image FM                                           9970 _IMAGE__ good  MH
                RT: 'TO ADVERTISE ON IMAGE FM EMAIL INFO@IMAGEFM.CO.UK               '

October 4, 2001

London Pirates - 2-Hot have moved transmitter site, reducing their strength here on 103.2 MHz.

20.53 103.2  G  2 Hot FM                                           1032 2-HOT_FM fair  MH
                RT: '2-HOT FM, for Berkshire & surrounding counties. KEEP IT LOCKED !'

UK Updates - BBC Radio Cumbria has a new relay at Keswick Forest. It went on-air at 1300 UTC today and is on test until November 5, when it should enter service. Power is 60 Watts horizontal polarisation.

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