DX Radio DX News - January 2003

This is a compilation of all the logs and news items that have appeared on this site in January 2003.

Some external links may no longer be valid though they did work at the time of writing.

January 30, 2003

Station News - Saga FM East Midlands began on-air testing of their lower power relay on 101.4 from Drum Hill. RDS:__SAGA__ and PI:C3A2.

January 28, 2003

Station News - Saga FM East Midlands began on-air testing on 106.6 MHz from the Waltham site. It's on low power with a temporary vertically polarised antenna. RDS:__SAGA__ and PI:C3A2 although the RDS inject level is very low. Programmes are due to start at 7am on Tuesday 11 February.

January 24, 2003

Station News - WWKB on 1520 in Buffalo NY is dropping NewsTalk in favour of oldies starting 6am Eastern Monday 27 Jan. "KB" are one of the easier to hear US MW stations from over here in the UK, particularly around dawn. They've also got a natty new logo.

January 15, 2003

Station News - Saga 106.6 is due to launch on February 11 on 106.6 and 101.4 MHz.

FreeView - UK Bright Ideas and FTN launched today. UK Bright Ideas is on-air 6am-6pm, with FTN 6pm-6am.

BBC TV - is the replacement for BBC Choice on Dsat, Freeview and Dcable. The channels is due for launch on Sunday 9th February. The first evening will be a simulcast with BBC TWO, and to promote interest some Eastenders episodes will be shown first on BBC THREE.

January 14, 2003

Station News - KMFM 106 is the new name for CTFM in Canterbury on 106.0 MHz, which is now owned by the Kent Messenger Group. RDS now KM-fm106.

January 13, 2003

Station News - Radio Caroline launches on the Sky Digital platform today at 1430 UTC. They're at 11.623H, SR275 FEC2/3 but are not currently listed in the EPG.

January 6, 2003

Station News - LBC 97.3 has changed RDS PS to LBC_97.3 and PI:C581.

January 5, 2003

Station News - GTFM Access Radio on 106.9 MHz noted with RDS GTFM1069 and PI:C491.

Station News - Chiltern 96.9 - also updated their RDS Chilt_FM

January 4, 2003

Station News - Vibe 101 has taken over the 101.0 MHz spot in Bristol from Galaxy 101. New RDS is vibe_101 with the same C3A5 PI code.

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