DX Radio DX News - May 2003

This is a compilation of all the logs and news items that have appeared on this site in May 2003.

Some external links may no longer be valid though they did work at the time of writing.

May 31, 2003

Propagation - Sporadic E briefly to Italy in afternoon.

16.20  87.7  I  R Italia                                           5220          brief MH

Propagation - Tropo conditions overnight in the south of England due to the high temperature of the day. My first ever reception of Cornwall on FM from here.

20.42 103.4  G  BBC Devon, N Hessary Tor "BBC Local Radio" prgm    C812 BBC_Devn good  MH
20.43  96.1  G  BBC Solent               Talk                      C912 BBC_Slnt excel MH
21.24  95.2  G  BBC Cornwall, Caradon Hill  BBC Local Radio prgm   C712 BBC_Cnwl fair  MH
                RT: 'BBC Radio Cornwall              ...serving YOU in Cornwall      '
21.45 103.9  G  BBC Cornwall, Redruth    // 95.2 but RDS didn't form             fair  MH
22.47 103.6  G  BBC Swindon, Blunsdon    Talk prgm                 CA12 BBC.Swin good  MH
22.49 104.3  G  BBC Wiltshire, Naish Hill                          CC12 BBC_Wlts good  MH

May 29, 2003

Propagation - Sporadic E to Tunisia for about 90 minutes.

15.47  87.6 TUN R Tataouine, Zarzis                                7205 RG-Tatao fair  MH

Station News - The authorities in Holland are re-organising their AM and FM bands on June 1, 2003. It's a "Zerobase" operation, designed as a one-off event to allow more commercial stations on FM. Some current stations will lose their channels, eg Radio 10 FM lose 675 kHz and all their FM channels. Radio 1 will go FM only, with 1008 kHz being allocated to Radlon Media Ltd - an Essex based company. They hope to use the full 400 kW power non-directional to broadcast Wonderful Radio London to SE England.

Here is a listing of the new channel allocations by Frequency

1008 and 891 kHz currently have a tape loop advising listeners to re-tune.

May 28, 2003

Propagation - Sporadic E to Italy, but fairly brief and confined to low end of band.

17.14  87.7  I  R Italia                                           5220 R_ITALIA fair  MH
18.41  87.7  I  R Italia                                           5220          brief MH

May 25, 2003

Station News - Energy FM now plans to move the frequency of their Ramsey relay to 98.4 MHz in the middle of June. Snaefell & Jurby transmitters are currently running at 1/2 licenced power. Their new 25 Watt relay at Ballasaig is now planned to come on-air in late summer 2003.

May 23, 2003

Local Radio - Thames 107.8 in SW London testing in mono-only.

16.33 107.8  G  Thames 107.8                                       C6B0 _THAMES_ good  MH
                RT: 'YOUR MUSIC / YOUR NEWS / YOUR STATION /........................ '

May 13, 2003

Propagation - Sporadic E to Eastern Europe in late afternoon. Not many stations heard here - propagation favoured the Midlands and Northern England.

15.11  87.7  I  R Venere                                           5A4A CAPIAZZA brief MH
17.40  87.7 SVK	FunRadio, Kosice                                   5340 FUNRADIO fair  MH
                RT: 'HELICO & TINA - STORY   '
                RT: 'Hotline '
                RT: 'MR. DJ & LADY M - FUNK ME (ORIGINAL MIX)'
18.01  87.7 SVK R Rebeca, Banska Bystrica                          5350 _REBECA_ fair  MH
18.07  91.6 SVK FunRadio, Lucenec                                  5340 FUNRADIO fair  MH
                RT: 'ROACHFORD - GET READY   '

May 12, 2003

Station News - Virgin 105.8 changed their transmitter site today from Croydon to Crystal Palace. Also their RDS changed from _VIRGIN_ to _Virgin_

15.00 105.8  G  Virgin 105.8, Crystal Palace                       C4B4 _Virgin_ excel MH
                RT : Virgin Radio 105.8 - Better Music, More of it.

May 7, 2003

Propagation - Brief Sporadic E to Italy in mid-afternoon. Also medium distance UK tropo around midnight.

11.25  87.7  I  R Italia                                           5220          brief MH

16.04  87.7  I  R Capital                                          5219 _CAPITAL fair  MH

19.46  87.7 POR RDP 1, Mendro            OMs talking                             brief MH

22.40 106.6  G  Saga 106.6               music, ID's, news         C3A2          QSB   MH
22.50 107.9  G  Passion FM, Oxford       music                     C090 PASSION_ fair  MH
23.10  96.9  G  Chiltern FM              usual network overnight   CB86 Chilt_FM fair  MH
23.15  95.7  G  BBC Cambridgeshire       Keith Skewes prgm                       fair  MH

May 6, 2003

Propagation - Sporadic E to Italy noted here. Others also heard Tunisia and Spain.

16.04  87.7  I  R Venere                                           5A4A R.VENERE fair  MH
16.19  87.7  I  R Italia                                           5220 R_ITALIA fair  MH
16.35  87.7  I  One o One Network                                  5215          brief MH
17.53  87.7  I  R Italia                                           5220          brief MH

May 5, 2003

Station News - Splash FM - launched today on 107.7 MHz. Splash FM are the small-scale local licence holder for Worthing. RDS PS: SPLASHFM and PI:C89E. Website www.splashfm.net.

May 1, 2003

Station News - Passion FM is the rebranded name for Fusion FM in Oxford broadcasting on 107.9 MHz. RDS: PASSION_ and PI:C090. No obvious website yet.

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