DX Radio DX News - August 2006

This is a compilation of all the logs and news items that have appeared on this site in August 2006.

Some external links may no longer be valid though they did work at the time of writing.

August 28, 2006

RSL - Heard over the past week on 87.7 MHz, Siemens Championships Radio covering the World Rowing Championship held at Dorney Lake, Eton. Overnight (all night) they had a short repeating voice ID loop which made IDing easy. Couldn't detect any RDS, probably due to the close attention of SKFM also still on 87.7 MHz from South Kilburn. Website World Rowing Championships

August 27, 2006

Susy Radio - are back on-air for another 28 day RSL on 531 kHz MW widely heard across Southern Britain and the near continent especially during the daytime. Susy Radio website.

August 8, 2006

RSL - Noted on 87.9 MHz Blink_fm from High Wycombe, operating from 1 August for 28 days. Reaches as far east as Beaconsfield before the channel gets overcome by pirate QRM. Website Blink FM.

RSL - And from here into NorthWest London 87.7 MHz has now got SKFM broadcasting from South Kilburn from 31 July for 28 days ... RDS: _SKFM___ Website SKFM .

August 1, 2006

Community Radio - BCB, the community station (ex Access Radio station) in Bradford, has moved from 96.7 MHz to 106.6 MHz. BCB's new website.

Brunel FM - Brunel FM in Swindon are currently testing prior to their launch at 10am on 2 September. RDS: _BRUNEL_ Website Brunel FM.

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