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This is a compilation of all the logs and news items that have appeared on this site in January 2000.

Some external links may no longer be valid though they did work at the time of writing.

January 25-31, 2000

Propagation - Nothing noted at all. Bottom end of the band is completely over-ridden by Rinse FM on 87.6 MHz. They are strongest around J5 on the M4 indicating they're around the Slough / Langley area.

January 24, 2000

Propagation - Brief German ping on 107.1 MHz.

11.04 107.1  D  B5 Aktuel, Ochsenkopf                              D315          brief MH

January 23, 2000

Propagation - Pirate again on 107.1 MHz.

15.48 107.1  G  Outcast                                            EA49 OUTCAST_ fair  MH

London Pirates - Also noted the following pirates with RDS ... 88.4 _ICE_FM_ ... 92.5 TASTE_FM ... 100.3 RINSE_FM ... 103.8 N-POWER_ ...

Note that there are two RINSE_FM's, 87.6 is in West London (perhaps Langley), 100.3 is in SE London.

January 20-22, 2000

Propagation - Nothing noted dx-wise on 107.1 MHz. The bottom end is still swamped by RINSE_FM on 87.6 MHz.

WRTH - WRTH Publications have made available a listing omitted from the WRTH 2000 book, namely that of the National Shortwave Services ... ie domestic SW stations. As their PDF file is huge and contains page breaks mid-line, I have used their data and produced my own documents. One or other of them should meet your needs. There's a DOC, an XLS, a PDF, a HTML and a TXT file all linked from here.

January 19, 2000

Propagation - But ... it couldn't last. Rinse FM back on 87.6 MHz. So back to 107.1 tonight.

01.29  87.6 TUN ERTT Int'l Service, Zarzis                         7202 IN  R_   brief MH
06.30  87.6 CZE R Impuls, Brno                                     2310          brief MH
20.11  87.6  G  Rinse FM, pirate             music                 8760 RINSE_FM loud  MH

January 18, 2000

Propagation - 87.6 is clear today !!

06.36  87.6  I  RAI-1, Monte Cavo (RM)                             5201          brief MH

January 17, 2000

Propagation - Weak tropo to usual France Musique outlets.

22.16  89.4  F  France Musique, Boulogne     classical music       F203 MUSIQUES fair  MH
22.17  89.8  F  France Musique, Abbeville    classical music       F203 MUSIQUES fair  MH

January 16, 2000

Propagation - Tuned around to start with, then left it on 107.1, but again just found another pirate.

03.05  87.5  G  Bashment FM, pirate          music                 FFFF BASHMENT loud  MH
19.14 107.1  G  Outcast, pirate              music                 EA49 OUTCAST_ fair  MH

January 13-15, 2000

Propagation - Tried 87.9 again, but nothing doing.

January 12, 2000

Propagation - Rinse FM obviously noticed the RSL had gone off-air, and moved from 87.5 to 87.6 MHz changing their PI code appropriately.

01.07  87.6  G  Rinse FM, London pirate      music                 8760 RINSE_FM loud  MH
04.09  87.7  F  France Culture, Strasbourg                         F202          brief MH
08.24  87.7 SVK Funradio, Kosice                                   2311          brief MH

January 11, 2000

Propagation - Still a fairly splatter free channel on 87.7 MHz.

02.23  87.7  F  France Culture, Strasbourg                         F202          brief MH
06.07  87.7  F  France Culture, Strasbourg                         F202          brief MH

January 10, 2000

Propagation - The Arabic RSL in Ealing finished yesterday, but left its carrier on overnight. Pirate Rinse FM still on 87.5 MHz.

10.58  87.7 SVK Funradio, Kosice                                   2311          brief MH

January 9, 2000

Propagation - Tried 87.9, but nothing here apart from Asian pirate in Southall.

January 8, 2000

Propagation - Monitored 99.5 all day, but just Radio 1 made it through in the early morning.

January 7, 2000

Propagation - Weak tropo to Belgium. Many channels still blocked by pirates.

23.00  90.4 BEL Radio 3, Egem                classical mx          6303          fair  MH

January 3-6, 2000

Propagation - Nothing worthy of noting.

UK RDS list - Signal Cheshire becomes Imagine, and KFM becomes Mercury, plus other changes. RDS list updated. Thanks to Trevor and Jeff.

Joerg's unid - One contribution so far ... come on you polyglots!! Have a listen.

January 2, 2000

Propagation - Weak tropo to France.

09.00  87.9  F  Contact FM, Le Touquet       pop music             F931 CONTACT_ fair  MH
                Very fast changing RDS  CONTACT_  ___FM___  TOUQUET_  HESDIN__
                RT was the standard AEV Italy factory setting
                Date/Time was approx 2 hours 20 mins behind reality
09.04  88.4  G  Ice FM                       music                 1234 _ICE_FM_ good  MH
09.04  89.4  F  France Musique, Boulogne     classical music       F203 MUSIQUES fair  MH
09.05  89.8  F  France Musique, Abbeville    classical music       F203 MUSIQUES fair  MH
09.06  90.2  F  France Musique, Neufchatel   classical music       F203 MUSIQUES fair  MH
09.07  94.7  F  Frequence Nord, Lille        talk                  F905 RF_FNORD strng MH
09.08  95.5  F  Frequence Nord, Boulogne     talk                  F905 RF_FNORD fair  MH
09.09  96.0  F  France Culture, Neufchatel   talk                  F202 _CULTURE fair  MH
09.10  98.0  F  France Culture, Lille        talk                  F202 _CULTURE good  MH
09.12 103.3  F  France Inter, Boulogne       talk                  F201 __INTER_ good  MH
09.13 103.7  F  France Inter, Lille          talk                  F201 __INTER_ fair  MH
09.14 105.2  F  France Info, Lille           talk                  F206 __INFO__ good  MH
09.15 106.5  F  France Info, Boulogne        talk                  F206 __INFO__ fair  MH
09.30 100.2  G  Dream100 FM                  talk, pop, adverts                  weak  MH

January 1, 2000

Propagation - Nothing noted on FM ... but did try for SAQ on 17.2 kHz 1200-1330. Think I got some CW at 1235-1240 and again 1305-1319. But very weak and almost buried in local tv buzz etc.

Y2k - Everything fine here (as expected), though I have seen two incoming emails apparently dated as Year 100.

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