DX Radio Joerg Moeschler's unid station

Joerg recorded this station on June 20, 1999 on 92.9 MHz FM in Chemnitz.

How can you help?

Please listen to the audio recording of the reception. Joerg would be very interested in what you think you hear, and where you think the station is broadcasting from, and in what language.

How to contribute?

Either me with your ideas, fill in the form below which will be sent to me, or email Joerg directly.

Your Email Address  
Your Real Name  
How did you find out about this reception?
RSGB   via a Mail List  
Usenet Newsgroup   Direct email from me  
Friend and/or fellow dxer   Other (please specify in comments)  
Please write your transcription and suggestions or guesses here.
  When you submit the form, the data will be sent to me and you'll be re-directed to the main index page. I'll send all your contributions onto Joerg.  


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